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The nude arts project is design to show human form and emotion. This is dark work where the shadow make the every day seem so different.

Models wanting to be considered for this work are met at a local place about a week before the photo session. This give the model a chance to ask questions and better deturmine if this project is something she/he would like to be a part of.

This time is important for me as the artistic photographer also. I get to see the model and understand more about her/him. This helps me design lighting and poses that present the artistic look this project needs.

This project will contain both male and female models. Samples of the work shown are then entended style of work to be displayed.

Female models are presently paid a hundred for the photo session. A more experance model will photograph faster and complete the session under two hours. Less experance models take longer to pose and the session will most likely be longer maybe three hours or even a little more. Some of the models may be asked back for several sessions. Models are given around ten images of the work that they can take home with them reproduce if they like. .

Models are welcome to bring a friend male or female with them to the photo session. I just ask that the friend have a positive attutide about the session and not be on some type of time table to have to shorten the session.

At the end of the session I will be asking the model to sign a general model release form so I can display this work. Thank you for looking at my models page and I hope you will consider modeling for the project.